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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Crime on My Hands

For too long to mention I have been a fan of old films. Put me infront of something on the TV that is in black and white and I'll be there 'till the end. Maybe it's because we didn't get a colour TV until I was 9 or 10 I don't know.
I've also been a big, if slow, reader for many years. Recently I discovered, via the abebooks website, a way of combining my love of old films and my love of reading mystery fiction. Enter Crime on My Hands...

George Sanders (admitedly ghostwritten by Craig Rice) mystery novel Crime on My Hands. It's brilliant really. If you haven't read it then rush on over to abebooks (no I don't work for them) and purchase a copy, preferably this copy if only for the above pictured cover and the blurb on the back from which I know quote.
"After taking a fling at the textile business, a puff at the tobacco business, learning five languages, learning to play the piano, saxaphone and guitar, and how to sing in a good bariton, he finally went on stage purely for profit. His portrayals have run the gamut from noble hero to base villain and George has enjoyed them all. The one role he has avoided is that of the conventional type hero.
He is a good athlete, enjoys acting, has a lively interest in boats, likes to experiment with model airplanes, to make complex tobacco mixtures, and to invent electrical gadgets."

Our George was some guy alright!
Maybe next time we'll get round to the record he made called (quite brilliantly) The George Sanders Touch: Songs For the Lovely Lady.
'Till then, I am yours,

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